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Tom Stienstra

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"Beating The Time Trap"

      If the great outdoors is so great, then why don't people enjoy it more? The answer is because of the time trap, and I will tell you exactly how to beat it.
For many, the biggest problem is finding the time to go, whether it is camping, hiking, fishing, boating, backpacking, biking or even just for a good drive in the country. The solution? Well, believe it or not, the answer is to treat your fun just like you treat your work, and I'll tell you just how.
Consider how you treat your job: Always on time? Go there every day you are scheduled? Do whatever it takes to get there and get it done? Right? No foolin, that's right. Now imagine if you took the same approach to the outdoors. Suddenly your life would be a heck of a lot better. The secret is to schedule all of your outdoor activities. For instance, I go fishing every Thursday evening, hiking every Sunday morning and on an overnight trip every new moon (when stargazing is best). No matter what, I'm going. Just like going to work, I've scheduled it. The same approach works with longer adventures. The only reason I was able to hike from Yosemite to Tahoe was because I scheduled two weeks to do it. The reason I spend 125 to 150 days a year in the field is because I schedule them. In my top year, I had nearly 200 days where at least part of the day was enjoyed taking part in an outdoor recreation activity. If you get out your calendar and write in the exact dates you are going, then you'll go. If you don't, you won't. Suddenly, with only a minor change in your life plan, you can be living the life you were previously dreaming about.

See you out there -- Tom Stienstra

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